I'am Danial Ebrahimi Im Standing between humanity and Technology Intersection
to bind them correctly
And do what I love to do

About me

Let me introduce myself
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i want to Create something new and useful all the time, so i came into the Digital world to build every thing i imagine.
i went to Shahrood university of technology to be a software engineer after a while i feel the university is not what i though so i try to work with some local software companies to learn what i want from the real world.
after first job i understand I'm so good at management , creativity , visionary and business skills .
after that i try to be a Developer and software engineer AND improve my management and business skills until the day i start my own company

until that time I'm at your service as a developer , software engineer and a business intelligence to develop your BUSINESS.


Danial Ebrahimi
0938 253 2093

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Analyse and Quality assurance (QA) software
business intelligence
BM,BP ...
Project Manager
Software engineering
Data science
Android Develop
Android Studio
index tools
Image Processing


More about my experience
Summer 2016 - Now Analyze - Software engineering
Microsoft Dynamic CRM - C#

CRM Analyzer

BMSD Co. is the best company in CRM industry in Iran , until now had lots of big project and satisfied customers from governments to private companies . They need a person who can analyze every company and projects and have lots of idea to enhance customers satisfaction of each companies who came to BMSD , and find a lot of way to make more loyal customers for them then I decide to join them and make it happen from now i learn a lot of thing about them .

Summer 2016 Android Studio - Git
Application Test Tools

Android Developer & QA

iSHAYA Co. was working on a mobile CRM project for JTI company in Iran and I was the Main Developer of this project to add some feature on it , redesign UI , fix bug and make sure the application is working well as QA (Quality assurance)

Winter 2015
Spring 2016
UML - R&D - BP - BM - Project Manager

Analyzer , Business Intelligence , Project Manager

Golyakh Co. is one of the biggest luxury companies in perfume industry in Iran , they decide to have a CRM to communicate better with their customers but they had some special needs and we have to customize the project entirely , after a lot of Research and Creativity we design a special LoyaltyCard , a MobileApplication a DataBase integrator and a awesome BusinessPlan for their new revenue streams .

Winter 2015 Android Studio - Taskulu

Android Developer - Project Manager

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2011 Web Studio "Studio Name"


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My stats

10+ projects done
15+ happy clients
40+ cups of coffee
1 000 000 lines of coding


What can I do for you

Business Planner & Marketing Ideologist

I start writing business planes from 2013 for my own projects , after a while some customers request consolation in business plans

and most of them worked fine , win the competitions and get full funded accept from accelerators .

this service have spacial conditions :

no business plan from other customer will not be displayed

admission to do this service , depend on your order status

some first step consolations can get done for free , depend on your status

Mobile Applications

We start mobile programming with android OS and get couple of applications made , sime times we had our own ideas and some times get orders through we worked with different companies like "Tejarat Bank" , "iShaya" "Medical System of Mashhad City" and etc

and now we start to working on iOS projects too.

you can count on us on this service

Software Engineering

This service mostly required for All in customers who want to build entire system with our cooperation then we guaranty the system and deliver a standard documented system that engineered with their needs.


All In One Projects

In this type of projects customer tell us what did he/she want and se deliver his/her job perfectly and and all parts of BUSINESS PLANING , DEVELOPMENT , BACKUP & RECRUITING is on us .

we have lots of freelancers and cooperators in Different specialties who are pleased to work for you as a team


coming soon

My Blog

My latest Reveals
Blog reveals are in Persian ,english version will be prepare asap :)
this is my new Reveal

ظاهر شما بیانگر شخصیت شماست . واقعا!؟

تلاش کنیم خودمان را به جامعه به گونه ای ارائه دهیم که با دیدن ما در نگاه اول بتوانند درکی از ما داشته باشند که ما میخواهیم. اما این بدان معنی نیست که انرژی خیلی زیادی را هر روزه بابت این موضوع که چطور قرار است دیده شویم بگذاریم شاید یک بار برای یک هفته , یک ماه , شاید هم تا اطلاع ثانوی… تصمیم ها از ما انرژی میگیرند , پس تصمیم های ما در طول روز یا در حتی در طول عمر محدود هستند خیلی ها در طول روز تصمیم های مهمتری برای گرفتن دارند

Get in touch with , contact information is in "about me"
Thank you for your time"